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Searching for valuable resources? Explore our rich collection of scholarly publications, multimedia posts and more.

EDEN has a great amount of professional resources accumulated since its foundation in 1991. Our repository consists of electronic conference publications, the collection of our regular member newsletters, presentation slides and recordings of keynote speeches, video interviews with leading professionals and access to the EDEN President’s official blog, the #EDENChats and the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning (EURODL). All these resources are searchable on our portal:

    The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning is an electronic, multi-media journal on distance and e-learning, publishing online the accounts of research, development and teaching for Europe in its most inclusive definition.
  • Conference proceedings and books of abstracts
    The Books of Abstracts of the EDEN Annual Conferences since 2007 and proceedings of formerly published papers at earlier Annual Conferences, Research Workshops and Open Classroom Conferences are available for download. The Short Paper Books of the conference can be found here.
  • Keynote speeches and video interviews
    The PowerPoints of our most prominent presenters are stored as essential resources for deeper understanding of the subject. In recent years we also recorded these plenary presentations and often conducted additional short interviews with our conference keynote speakers for the benefit of our community and the EDEN portal’s visitors.
  • Presidency blog posts
    The EDEN President regularly shares short blog posts about the most current topics, trends and developments in the world of distance and e-learning. Some of these essays are written by guests, who are experts of the discussed issue, on the invitation of the President.
    25 years of EDEN, a special collection of the President’s Blog anniversary posts – now available for download here.
  • Newsflashes
    EDEN issues content-rich monthly electronic newsletters as one of its valuable membership services. These so-called NewsFlashes include not only short articles concerning EDEN’s own events and activities, but also other relevant news from our professional field, either collected from our members and partners, or received from external sources and our strategic partners.
  • #EDENChats
    #EDENChats are online discussion events on Twitter that run for approximately 1 hour. Conducted in a well prepared ‘Question and Answer’ format these discussions, that any Twitter user can freely join, focus on current issues in distance, open and e-learning.